Key issues with tower scaffolds are:Erection and dismantling

Auction manager Eric Hole said he has no idea what prices the items will command. “Vehicles I’m good at, but this kind of stuff I don’t know. I’ve never sold them before so I really don’t know. What you need to doA tower scaffold is one way to prevent a fall when working at height. The type of tower selected must be suitable for the work and erected and dismantled by people who have been trained and are competent to do so.Those using tower scaffolds should also be trained in the potential dangers and precautions required during use.Tower scaffold provision and use must be properly managed and include rigorous scaffold inspection arrangements.Key issues with tower scaffolds are:Erection and dismantling and movingWhat you need to knowMany people are injured each year when they fall from towers or when the tower overturns.Towers should be erected by trained and competent people. There are a number of organisations that provide training for the safe erection and use of tower scaffolds.Erection and dismantlingThe manufacturer, supplier or hirer has a duty to provide an instruction manual explaining the erection sequence, including any bracing requirements.Towers should be erected following a safe method of work, either using:Advance guard rail system where temporary guard rail units are locked in place from the level below and moved up to the platform level.

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