The company also allegedly promised to pick up travel expenses

This is an emblematic comment from a man who eats the same meal before every game, follows the exact same routine every game day, and has managed to remain productive into his 40s. To call Ichiro “consistent” is to sell him short. The man is a baseball metronome, who sprays hundreds of hits every single year, rarely strikes out, and is still setting records as an elder statesman.

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cheap oakleys According to the complaint, Oakley, Idaho based Pure Forest recruited workers in 2012 from Hidalgo, Mexico with the promise of 40 hour work weeks at $16.47 an hour for nine months, using H 2B work visas. The company also allegedly promised to pick up travel expenses along with room and board. They were forced to work outdoors and sleep in tents no matter the weather conditions, fed rotting food, forced to drink river water, and exposed to caustic chemicals, the suit alleged.. cheap oakleys

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